World Tour Favorite

My favorite part in the World Tour was the Early Greeks. I used the Usborne book of the Ancient World for more information. Here are three reasons why I liked the Early Greeks.

First, I liked the architecture of both the Minoan’s and Mycenaean’s. The Knossos palace was very amazing with its one hundred rooms and light holes. The building architecture was so detailed in the columns and frescoes.  It would have been fun to live in that palace! The graves of the Mycenaean people are like a pyramid that is oval.  In the entrance way there were red and green stones that decorate it on the top of the entrance.

Next, the cites that they built. The Minoans cites Knossos, Zaicro, Phaestos, and Mallia.The Myecanean’s, Acopolis at Mycenae. The Acropolis was neat and amazing with its wall.  My favorite part is the Loin Gate; it was great to see a photo of it in Lesson 7. I liked having the photos in the lessons.

Finally, the pots and pottery. The Minoans pots that were as tall as a person, I found out, held water, food, and oil. On the other hand,  the Mycenae pot’s were super small .They most likely held perfume or oil .I like to draw and it’s amazing how they drew on a tiny surface with so much detail.

In all, I have liked the World Tour because it shows me what’s going on at the same time.


Samuel Duarte


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