The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle starts by weathering.  Weathering is caused by wind,water,and sometimes different things.  When weathering is happening erosion starts to break the large and small rock off and they fall into the river.  As the river goes on it starts to slow down and deposits the big rock first.  When the river slows down even the small rocks are deposited.  Soon the rocks begin to be pushed down into the earth’s crust where they are heated up.  These rocks are called sedimentary rocks.  Sedimentary rocks are 1)Shale – composed of mud in parallel layers, 2)-composed of quartz and can be any color.  As the rocks are pushed deeper into the earth,they start to heat up and melt. This is called metamorphism.  Metamorphic rock are textured, non textured, schist, and marble. Some times when it is pushed deeper and completely melted they come out of a volcano and is called magma.  After the metamorphic rocks are uplifted and cooled, they are called igneous rock.  Igneous rocks are 1) plutonic, granite, and big crystals 2) basalt (some having holes) with  microscopic crystals them.  After the rocks are reformed into hills,the rock cycle begins again.

Samuel Duarte


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