The Tower of Babel

Today has been the most uncommon day of my life.  We had to stop the building of the tower, because our languages were confused.  We met some new families that speak our language.  We decided to move to the east.  We are very concerned about moving.  The reason we are moving is because we heard it is a good place for crops and animals.  My uncle and his family moved there a few weeks ago.   My grandfather, (Salah) will also come with us.  We are very sad to leave.   My great-great grandfather died a few years ago before the tower began.  My three sisters and my baby brother will ride on grandfather’s camel with my mother.  My father and I will ride our donkeys with the larger animals.  The new families will take the small animals and supplies.  We hope that we will get there in the spring so we can plant gardens.

Samuel Duarte


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