King Khufu of Egypt

I was asked to tell what king I liked best in the Old Kingdom of Egypt.  Today we shall look at my favorite king, Khufu.  I will give three reasons why I like him.

First, he was able to help Egypt with military power.  He also led Egypt to fight people in Put and modern-day Sudan.  He took Egypt and used its wealth to build a very large army.

Secondly, he took control of the government of Egypt.  He made Egypt very powerful.  With the money he got from conquering other nations; he made Egypt very strong as a nation.  One of the very important things he did was reinforce the trade in Egypt.  He traveled to Put and Nubia to trade with them.

Third and lastly, the pyramid he built in Egypt.  He was the first king to build a pyramid which was flat on all the sides.  Historians believe this is when Abraham came to Egypt and taught the people mathematics.  He also built the ‘Sphinx’ at Giza.  His pyramid is called ‘The great pyramid of Giza’.  Above is a picture of the pyramid, which is very large as seen in the picture.

In conclusion, I like him because; he made Egypt great like King Menes before him.                                                                                                                                                                                           Samuel John. Duarte



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