Death and Afterlife in Egypt’s Culture

Death and the afterlife were very important to the Egyptian’s.   This is seen in all of the Egyptian culture.  We shall look at three ways.

First, it was important because the people in Egypt had a very short life span.  They lived between 20-40 yrs.  Most of them died in infancy or as children.  Because of this children were very important to the family.  By having short lives, the Egyptians, thought more about the afterlife than life itself.

Secondly, this is seen in the Egyptians religion.  They made up a god for everything.   They had a god for death and the afterlife.  This was to let people know that even death had a god.  The god of babies and children was to protect them.  As I said before, it was very important that babies made it out of infancy.

Third and lastly, this is also seen in the Egyptians burial process.  The people in Egypt took a lot of care into preserving bodies.  They stored the organs in canopic jars.   They put the person in a mummy that was covered with gold.  The Egyptians even put food into the tomb to give the person nourishment in the afterlife.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In closing, we learned about three ways the people in Egypt thought about the afterlife.

Samuel Duarte


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