Ancient Africa


Africa is one of the diverse places on earth.  It has modern cities to tribal villages.  Its climates differ from hot deserts to cold mountains, and many jungles.  We will look at its geography and ancient history today.

Africa’s geography is very odd.  In the northwestern corner we have the massive Sahara Desert.  It covers nearly three-fourths of northern Africa.  However, the Nile River provides much water to the land near it.  It is not only the longest river in the world, but the only river that runes from south to north!  In the middle and southern parts of Africa we find the places people think of when they hear Africa.  Lions, elephants, and the tsetse fly, live in this area.  The Congo River flows though this are.

Africa’s people, in the past, have been far and few apart.  We think of Egypt when we hear Africa and history, this is true, but many more people lived in Africa.  Nubia is south of Egypt and is founding on trading.  Ethiopia is the only African country where Christianity is the official religion.

Africa is really interesting to study.  And I hope you will want to learn more about it.

Samuel Duarte


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