History 6 Overview


This year I took History 6 in the Ron Paul Curriculum.  It taught by Bradley Fish.  Today I am writing the last essay for the 6th Grade History.  I will give a overview what I learned and studied.

First, let me introduce you to our spacecraft,” The Window of History.”  Board with me as we look at history from the time of Adam and Eve to Odoacer the king.

We start at the beginning of time at the Creation of the World.  We watch as Adam and Eve sin and are kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  We head straight into the life of Abraham, and soon find ourselves at the start of Israel in the land of Egypt.  From now on, we will look at one people group at a time.  We take a break to look at Egyptian culture and history.  We come back right as Israel is headed out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.  The time of the judges quickly passes by as we race on.  Soon we find ourselves in the life of King David.  We see how God worked in his life and how God used him, to become the great 20 times removed grandfather of Jesus Christ.  The times of the kings slows us down, as we look at each king separately.  Rehoboman’s reign splits the kingdom into Israel and Judah.  Asa, Jehosphat, Abijah, Ahab, and others rule in this time.  But Israel and Judah leave God to sever false gods.  Soon God disciplines them, sends Assyria and Babylon to punish them.   After a hundred or so years, God lets them return to the Promised Land.

Soon we leave Israel and go to Greece.  There we lean about Greek men, Socrates, and the Peloponnesian War.

But far too soon, Alexander the Great invades Greece, destroying it.  Alexander though, dies too young to see the new super power enter the scene, drum roll please, Rome.


We watch as Romulus and Remus fight, the Punic Wars unfolds.  And in the end, Rome comes out victorious.  The Republic is soon overthrown by Julius Caesar.  We watch as he is murdered by Brutus and Cassius, in a plot to overthrow the dictatorship and restore the Republic.  Caesar Augustus takes over the place of his uncle, and with Mark Antony, defeats Brutus and Cassius.  However Antony turns and starts to attack Augustus behind his back.  Augustus defeats Antony and Cleopatra and establishes the Roman Empire.

Jesus of Nazareth, the long awaited Messiah, is born, crucified, and is resurrected, founding a new religion, Christianity.

Soon, Emperor after Emperor passes by.  We watch as Polycarp makes his stand before God and man, Augustine writes “The City of God”, and Patrick spread Gods Truth to Ireland.  Soon, the Roman Empire starts to fade away.  Pounded on all sides by barbarians, it starts to weaken.  Finally on October 28,467 A.D., the Western Roman Empire falls.  Odoacer becomes king, as the curtain falls and we land safely home.

I have really enjoyed the way Bradley Fish teaches.  If you want a good Christian history curriculum for your student, you have found it.  Looking back, I have learned so much, I can’t want for next year!

Hope you’ve enjoyed our travels.

Samuel Duarte


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