Celts and Han Dynasty


Today we will look at the Han dynasty and the Celts. I will show you some differences and similarities between them.  The Celts lived in Europe and the Han dynasty was in China.

The Celts was and is the most populous group in Europe. In fact most people in Europe are descended from the Celts.  As with the peoples in the Han dynasty they lived in many places in China.  The rulers of the Han dynasty put people in charge of different places, they ruled like miniature kings. The men (called Mandarins) ruled in China up to the present day.  The Celts also had men over them.  The order was nobles (head of clans) artisans, druids (controlled religion, medicine, law, and education) bards, and peasants.  Both the Celts and the Han dynasty where a peace loving people.  The Celts and Han dynasty where very intelligent people.  The Celts invented soap, made massive burial mounds marked with large megaliths, and the infamous, Stonehenge.  The Han dynasty also had important things happen.  They discovered the each year has 365 ¼ days.  They invented the compass, seismograph and built bridges with bamboo.  Most important of all was discovering how to make paper.

download-1   It is amazing how two people groups in different places and at different times where able to have so much in common.

Signing off,

Samuel Duarte


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