King Arthur

Today I would like to tell you about a man named Arthur.  He is known best as King Arthur.

Before the Romans invaded England it was inhabited by people known as Britons.  When the Roman Empire started to decline, the Angles invaded England.  By the 5th century, the Angles had a strong hold on England.  Soon afterwards the Saxons, who were from Germany, also invaded England.  In the mist of all this there stands one great man, the legendary King Arthur.

Arthur was born in 465 A.D. We get most of our history about him and the time he lived in from the book, ‘The History of the Early Kings of Britain’ by Geoffrey of Monmouth.  King Arthur led the Britons in 12 battles.  The most famous of these battles was the Battle of Bandon Hill. Geoffrey reported that Arthur killed 960 men in the battle.

The Anglo-Saxons were defeated in the battle; however the Britons could never drive the Anglo-Saxons out completely.  Eventually they lived in peace until the invasion of the Normans in 1066.  Today the people of England are the descendants of Britons and Anglo-Saxons.

Arthur was eventually taken up as a figure of ancient chivalry.  His leadership, bravery and chivalry are all great examples.  But with time he was taken up as a legend.   Did Arthur really kill 906 men?  Did he really meet his doom at Camlonn?  Was he killed by Morded, and did Lancelot really lie about the Excalibur?   I don’t believe all these things, but he was real great man. (Pun intended)   But what about the Knights of the Round Table? You decide!


                                   Samuel Duarte



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