Charles Martel


During the end of the Merovingian dynasty, the kings became lazy.  Instead of kings, the people had what they called, The Mayor of the Palace.  One of these, Mayor Pepin, had a son named Charles.


Charles mother imprisoned him because he was an illegitimate son.  He escaped and went off to find his fortune, or rather fight for it.  His first battle didn’t go along to well, he realized he had very little men and fled.  However, this was the only battle that he lost!  After the defeat, he railed his men and defeats his enemies.  Charles had three tactics, appearing where his enemies lest expected, attacking when they lest expected and attacking how they lest expected.


Charles could have made himself King of France, he ruled like one, but he never took mare than Mayor of the Palace.


To the south of France, the Muslims were taking the Iberian Peninsula by storm. They invaded France in 732, and soon Charles was headed south. The two armies’ met on the plain of Tours, hence the name, The Battle of Tours.  For a week the two armies faced another.  The teo armies were not at all the same, the Arab army was mostly cavalry and the Franks were an army of foot soldiers.  Finally the battle lines were placed.  The Franks formed a firm wall.  For the whole day the Arab horsemen charged again and again, but each time the Franks held on.  That night both armies were exhausted.  The next day the Franks awoke, but no Arabs!  Fearing ambush the Franks sent out searching parties, but the Arab camp was empty, and in fact the Arabs fled back to Spain!  Charles then pushed them back to North Africa.  Finally, the Muslims had been stopped, Christendom had been saved.  Charles was then given the name Charles Martel or Charles the Hammer.


Charles Martel died and left his son Pepin to rule in his place.





Samuel Duarte






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